Power PaC Long Haul Division

We have state of the art equipment such as the Kenworth T900 and Kenworth T600. Equipped with a 50 ton rated Lowboy or a 35 ton Beavertail.

Southern Oregon Long Haul Service

Our Long Haul Specialist – Stacey Micka

Stacey has been with Power PaC for over 6 years and plays a vital role in our everyday deliveries and long haul appointments. He has been driving professionally for over 20 years. Stacey has a very broad knowledge in hauling equipment from skidsteers to logging equipment such as, 90,000lb Processors, Delimbers and Timbco’s.

Delivery equipment includes: Beavertail trailers, Low-boys, Flatbed delivery, Double axle and Triple axle trailers.

Questions? Call us at 541-884-0114 to discuss your long-haul project.