Concrete – Masonry Saws and Equipment Rental

We have a wide selection of concrete tools for rent including masonry saws, concrete buggys, concrete blankets, finishing tools, mixers, grinders, and more.

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A Sampling Of Concrete and Masonry Equipment For Rent

Equipment Description Call 541-884-0114 For Specs
Concrete Buggys
Miller MB 16/21 concrete buggy for rent klamath falls
Concrete Finishing Tools
Power screed – 5.5 hp
48″ x 10″ jitterbug
Concrete Vibrator
1 3/4″ pencil vibrator
Concrete Vibrator
17″ x 1″ pencil vibrator
Concrete Rake
20″ concrete rake
Concrete Stamps
Faux flagstone finish stamp – 4 piece set
Concrete Finish Broom
36″ concrete finish broom
Concrete Finish Broom
24″ concrete finish broom
Marshalltown Bull Float
4′ bull float w/handle attachment
Marshalltown Bull Float
3′ bull float w/handle attachment
Curb Machines
Creative Curb curb machine klamath falls
Cutoff Saws
Partner K700
cut off saws for rent klamath falls
saw rental klamath falls
Masonry Saws and Cutters
Brick Cutter
Manual brick cutter
Tile Nipper
Tile Nipper
8″ tile scribe
Rebar cutter and bender
MK Diamond BX3 Extreme
Tile saw – Electric – 14″ Core Ti blade
7″ diameter tile saw – Electric
Target Mini
Mini tile saw – Electric
Stone Concrete Mixer
Stone Concrete Mixer
concrete mixer rentals klamath falls
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer
3 cf concrete mixer
Mortar Mixer
6-8 cf mortar mixer
Other Concrete Related Products
Single wheel – wheelbarrow
Stake Chairs
Steel stake chairs
Stud Gun
Semi-automatic low velocity – .27 caliber loads
Steel Stake
1/2″x12″, 1/2″x18″,24″, 30″, 36″
Epoxy injector gun and epoxy
Other Concrete Supplies
Concrete Blankets
6′ x 25′ concrete blanket
Slab Saws
Target Portacut
14″ self propelled slab saw – Gasoline
Surface Grinders – Levelers
Edco Scabbler
5 head scabbler
Stone Crete Mower
concrete grinder rental klamath falls
Concrete floor grinder – Removes 3/32″

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